Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)

Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)

Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)

Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)
ราคา : 98 *ราคาเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย โปรดเชคราคาล่าสุด


หมวดหมู่ : สุขภาพและความงาม



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รายละเอียดสินค้า Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)

The first tone is the first disclosure of perfume information, that is, when you come into contact with the fragrance of tens of seconds to a few minutes between the smell, direct access to the nose of the way. The front tone is usually distributed by the volatile essential oils, the taste is generally more fresh, mostly fragrant or citrus ingredients fragrance. She is like a song suddenly pulled up the treble, immediately attractive attention, but the tone is not a bottle of perfume really taste, because it can only be maintained for a few minutes.
In the tone before the disappearance of the beginning to issue a fragrance, the tone is the most important part of perfume. That is sprinkled with perfume you are with this taste show people to this taste to express their own mood, emotions and so on. So the tone is a perfume where the essence of this part is usually made by a special flower, woody, and trace spicy spicy aroma made of its smell, whether fresh or rich, must be the perfect convergence of the former tune. In the deployment of the taste is the most important responsibility of perfume division, in addition to his choice of appropriate combination of perfume to highlight the characteristics of perfume, but also to make the idea to make the taste of perfume can be appropriate and lasting. The taste of the tone is generally sustainable for hours or more.
Tail tune is what we often say “I” incense. Usually with a small amount of animal flavor and cedar, sandalwood and other aromatic resin composition, it is not only distributed fragrance, but also combines the function of fragrance. After the taste has just begun to function, often distributed out of the incense, so this time is near the end of the tone will be temporarily worried about, but after a while, the tail of the delicate and charming fragrance began to emerge out. Tail of the role of the perfume is given a three-day depth of the beam around it, it lasted the longest, up to the whole or a few days, wiping perfume the next day can also faint smell is the perfume tail Tune. Tail tone tone is a thing.
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Modern Miss Blooming Bouquet EDT 50ml (Pink)

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